Sunday, September 11, 2011

Texas Drought, 9/11, & Prayer

My heart goes out for those still mourning over their lost loved ones ten years ago. My mom & my husband's mom both died in September, so 9/11 brings many thoughts of loss to me in the autumn.

Opening the door to let the dogs out this morning, I was greeted by a brisk, cool breeze. Thank you Jesus for the cooler weather! He has heard our prayers, now please send the rain. Our dry, Texas land needs it so much. The other day Baker asked why God hasn't sent any rain. My answer: To get us to pray.

The Texas drought and 9/11 both bring us to our knees. It is in our weakness that God is glorified. When we reach the end of ourselves and acknowledge that we need Him. 

I love our country and everything that my grandfather fought for in WWII. I am praying for our nation's repentance. For America to turn from her many idols and back to the One who loves her so. Our sins are piled up to Heaven. I am so sad that we are the promulgators of so many sins in this world. Just look at Hollywood movies and tv these days. We no longer have our satellite hooked up, it was so offensive. I'm praying that we will be SENSITIVE to Him. To 'abhor evil and CLING to what is good.' We have all become so desensitized, and that's wherein much of the problem lies. Our Father's voice is drowned out by the new football season, fall line-up, rushing to and fro. We rarely have to time to BE STILL....and know that He is God. We need to stop winking at sin and being tolerant of it, and stand up for the Truth and what we know is right.

Please join me in praying for our nation. That we will repent and turn from our sinful ways. He is calling us to Himself, please pray that we can be still long enough to hear His beautiful voice.