Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My boy BLUE Kitty and Applesauce

Rufus and Blue takin' a cat nap?
Two of my little rascals
Sweet dreams, little sweethearts.
Blue Kitty

"You're my boy BLUE!" --Old School, the movie

This new little kitty is from God! No, really. The way he came to us and his precious, perfect disposition...there is no doubt that God sent him to our family. So one pretty, sunny day I went out to the front of the house to get the mail, and I decided to sit on our walkway to read a magazine while the boys were resting inside. I heard this meow, meow, meow. I thought it was strange because no one on our street has an outside cat, it's pretty desolate out here and we all have dogs. For a split second I thought it was sweet Cricket who ran away 2 years ago when we moved out here. Anyway, I went back to my magazine. Then I heard a really loud meow-like screaming starting up and getting louder. So I wandered towards our neighbor's house across the street, thinking they had an indoor cat that was upset about something. And there I saw him...the most precious little orange and white striped kitten in their flower beds calling me over to him. His stretched out his little paws towards me and then took off around the back of their house. So I ran inside, grabbed Baker and we went a knockin' on the neighbors door to inquire about this little fluff ball. We learned that they have come home at 5 am from a trip and there he was hanging out in their tree. The husband is allergic to cats and I asked if I could take him home and he said yes, that they had e-mailed the neighbor association to see if anyone was missing a kitty and that was about a month ago!! I truly believe that and angel put Blue in that tree for us because he knew we needed him. He has been such a little delight and joy. He and the dogs adore one another! From the moment we picked him up, he has not stopped purring...unless Bear is chasing him and terrorizing him! LOL. I had wanted an orange and white kitten for Baker for a really long time. I guess God decided this was the time, especially with sweet Osa gone. God is so precious. I am amazed by Him daily. The fact that He is so involved with His children on such a deep and personal level is astounding and speaks volumes of His character. He loves us so much!!!

Baker's mixing up the apples...yummy!
We decided to try our luck with making and canning applesauce this fall, and boy are we glad we did! It was a lot of fun and super easy! The boys had a great time mixing up the apples and watching us can it all. Thank goodness for YouTube...we found some kind people who had put step by step videos up for us first-timers to learn how to can. Just add a little lemon juice, brown sugar and cinnamon and you have one delicious little treat!