Sunday, September 19, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

bear and his jojo...he adores her!

yampa river across from the library...our favorite spot!

camping at king solomon's falls north of steamboat
sleepy boys back at home in our big bed!

We had such an amazing summer in Steamboat! We drove our new 1986 VW camper bus up to Colorado the first of June, right after we celebrated baby Bear's second birthday. We took Scout with us and left the other three border collies home and we had a very sweet girl stay at our house and watch them for us.

We are sad to say that sweet little Osa, our mama dog, died two weeks before we came home from Steamboat. Carter's best friend Deli drove over from Dallas to put her down for us, he is also Baker's godfather. He has one of Osa's daughters, Mella, and brought her too to say goodbye.  Carter worked all summer spraying for weeds, which is a very lucrative business up there. He can start working again in February, so our plan is to head back up there after Christmas! We are really looking forward to that and seeing our sweet friends, the Anstines again! They have two little girls, that we all just adore....Sequoia and JoJo! Every morning when we would wake up, little Bear would say, "Go li-berry? Go park? See JoJo Quoia?" And that's usually what we did, and we loved every minute of it. We lived at the library and Little Toots park! They are right next to each other, so you can just spend the day and go back and forth between the two. The library is new and just beautiful...they have an amazing children's section!

We did some camping in the bus....that was a blast!! The fourth of July parade up there was darling! I will post pictures of it soon....

We have been home for two weeks and are starting to get adjusted to home again. Baker is back at Miss Barbara's at Lambs and Shepherds twice a week and I've been homeschooling the boys the other three days using Heart of Dakota's Little Hands to Heaven. We all three LOVE it! It is all Bible based and Baker is really loving it and learning a lot! We work on a different letter and number each week. It's a pre-K, preschool geared curriculum and I'm realizing that Baker is a little more advanced, so I am stepping up the math and doing handwriting on the side for him. He has good letter recognition, but isn't sure of the sounds each letter makes, so that's why I've chosen this beginner one for him. Also, I wanted to start him at the beginning of this curriculum for the Biblical aspect. It starts with Creation and goes on from there. He wants me to keep him home and teach him rather than go to L & S, so we'll see what we decide. 

It is good to be home with our stuff and our own beds, but we really wish we were back in the Boat!