Monday, March 22, 2010

March Catch Up

I thought this photo was so sweet of my three boys! We've had a fun month with family & friends staying with us. This week our cousins from NY are staying with us! Olli and Lulu! Baker is so excited! We had so much fun with Jill and Meegie last week. When they left, Baker kept saying how much he missed them. :( The boys are really starting to play together more...but Baker is pretty territorial with his construction projects. It also seems that whatever toy Bear has, Baker wants and vice versa. So our house rule is: any toy that causes the boys to fight and not be loving, gets put away! It seems to be working. We went to Ikea this weekend and got shelves to organize all the toys in the playroom. We're also setting up our school/project room downstairs for the boys. I'm incorporating Montessori work for them to do. So we will have our "work room" and our "play room." yea! Baker has been doing spanish every night with Rosetta Stone and so have I, it's a great program. I'm amazed at how much he can retain, and his is all listening since he can't read or write. He listens and does picture recognition, which is awesome! So, hopefully we will be ready for Honduras when the time comes! We've been enjoying this nice weather with long walks before dinner and golf ball hunts on the golf course...Bear and Baker like to chase around on the greens. More like Bear is chasing Baker! It wears them out before bed. xoxo ash