Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baker's learning to serve others

We were putting the boys to bed tonight, and Carter asked Baker what he did today at Miss Barbara's. He said that he did bread cutting and that he got to use Miss Barbara's toaster! Then he cut the bread after he toasted it, put on just a little honey and some butter and shared it with the other boys! Then he cleaned up and got everything ready for the next boy that wanted to cut bread. So I said, "Wow you are really learning to serve! That's like when Mommy makes dinner. Do I make dinner and eat it all by myself?" He replied, "No you share it with us!"
We LOVE Baker's montessori school, but his teacher is the reason. She is quite a jewel. I told her and everyone else that I feel like he gets to go to his Fairy Godmother's when he goes to school. She is very gifted and blessed in what she does with the children.
It's supposed to sleet tonight! Baker thinks that means that in the morning there'll be 3 feet of snow and we can have a snowball fight. Awww....the sweet thoughts of a four year old.